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Our bank—like the spelling of our name—is deliberately unique. So, what sets us apart?


We are exactly where we want to be. We are committed to Virginia and the Greater Washington DC markets. This focused geography allows us to live in and deeply know the communities we serve. Our decisions are made locally, with a true understanding of the landscape and the needs of our neighbors and clients.


We know who we want to serve. We want to be the bank of choice for mid-sized businesses, real estate developers and investors, as well as consumers in our markets. In fact, we founded Xenith because we knew that these customers deserved better service and more thoughtful advice than they could reliably get from the mega banks or the small community banks. That’s why we hire only seasoned banking professionals to be our customers’ advocates and to provide consistently sound counsel.


We know what we’re great at. Our product and service set includes exactly what our customers need. In fact, here’s what we do really well: Commercial Banking, Commercial Real Estate, Personal & Private Banking.


By staying focused on our market, our customers, and our products, we know we will be better than anyone else at the things that help our customers prosper. There’s nothing wishy-washy about our mission and that is what makes us unique.


Welcome to Xenith Bank.

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